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We love this business and we get calls all the time asking how we got into this business, how did we find our bars and build them out, how we price everything and generally what we do and how we do it. And then comes the money question ... no pun intended. Everyone wants to know how the numbers work and if this is a viable business.

A vintage mobile bar business is a great one. Weddings alone, nationwide over two million couples get married. A new audience year over year to engage with. Your earning potential is only limited by how many days a week you want to put the bars to work. Weekday corporate events, private parties, graduations ... you name it. Mobile bars have the opportunity to be a seven-day a week opportunity. You set your schedule and determine your income. Looking for real numbers?

We can do that. We are actively looking for operating partners in markets we do not service.  For those seriously interested in the joining the team we are happy to share an inside look into our success and what the opportunity in your market may look like.

We make it simple. We bring everything to the table that works and adapt it for your market to fast track the business. This includes a caravan or prosecco van built from the ground-up based on our award winning designs. Complete with our brand, creative, nation-wide coverage, pricing and marketing assets, you have all the elements to hit the ground running day-one. Going this route lowers your initial investment, puts you in the driver's seat with unlimited upside.

Can you go full tilt DIY? Sure, but please be careful when looking at reproduction vintage caravans, retrofitting old campers or importing Piaggio Apes. There are a lot of unknowns, rusty frames, bad axels, leaking roofs, not to mention shady characters and frightening workmanship out there (just ask us for pictures of our wreck and why we started building these ourselves). A fun fact, new aluminum skins for a roof and siding will cost you nearly $3K in material alone. Add labor to tear off the old skins, installing the new and trim it out. All-in, you are easily looking at $5-7K.

And then we have the more expensive options. You can try to import a Piaggio or Tuk Tuk but watch out. There are countless stories of people paying for a unit and transport to the US only to have it seized by customs. Total loss, no way to get it out of jail. Or we hear about the dealers telling folks to import new Piaggios without a motor. Right, then they are going to push around a 900 lb vehicle (before you add another 500lbs of kegs and stuff) up and down trailer ramps and in and out of gigs ... not gonna happen. There are electric options available also. The big selling point, 'they can work indoors.' Just so you know, all of them can work indoors. Traditional gas engines are inexpensive to maintain and service. Batteries are convenient, but they are heavy and expensive. An finished electric Tuk Tuk will cost you +/- $50K.

We've been asked to consult on numerous one-off Piaggio builds and e-Tuks where the owners were in over $50K. And not done! We look at it this way. You can spend $50-60K and hope it comes out perfect. Or you can spend +/- $30K when you open a club with us and start with a unit that is proven. No kinks to work out because this is all we do. Question, how much more revenue will the $20-30K you save in marketing return? How much further will $30K drag out your return on investment. Our clubs are putting $20-30K of profit in their pocket vs. still paying off start-up cost. Or they have $30K in the bank to put towards another $30K prosecco van and have multiple units in market working for them ... twice the income. 

Want to know how we service indoor events? We drive up to the front door or freight elevator, turn off the motor and push the prosecco van into place. Did it this morning at Richmond's Main Street Station. Plugged in the truck and we were pouring cold drinks in less than ten minutes.  

Maybe this decision can be boiled down to one simple observation/question ... many of our clients book over a year in advance. Think about that for a minute. You can spend the next year building everything on your own, most likely investing way more more than our club operators do, figuring out equipment needs, sorting out pricing, getting good photos and building a social media presence before you can start marketing the business ... to book events a year from that point. Or you can take advantage of everything we already have in place. Join the Get Cozy Vintage Mobile Bar family and start booking events today. 



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