Pricing is different for each event and each market

Every event and market is so unique our pricing mirrors that diversity. For 2018 our full service rates start at $1,450. Your just on-the-hook to supply the glassware and alcohol. Alternatively, bar-only rentals start at $1,250. This is a perfect option when you already have a caterer lined up or are booking a venue that requires you use their staff to serve their alcohol. In this case your caterer or venue will provide the bar staff, stock it and provide all glassware. 

We travel throughout Virginia, MarylanD, the District of Columbia, Florida and New York

We love a road trip! One hour of travel to and from your event is included in the base rental rates. Extended travel is billed hourly and overnight events can be easily planned for.

Why not put it on tap

Bottles are fine but it's more fun on tap. So it's your choice. Our bars can pour draft beer, cider, still and sparkling wine. The draft system improves the guest experience by speeding up service, eliminating a tremendous amount of waste and lowering your alcohol cost ... not to mention who doesn't think this is the coolest thing, ever. It's like a craft beer festival on wheels.

You don't have to use our bartenders

And you won't hurt our feelings if you are working with a caterer for your event. They are more than welcome to staff and stock the bar. We just have to approve the caterer prior to the event. Remember when you rent a bar from us you are responsible for any damage so make sure you are comfortable with the caterer and their staff.

We don't provide the alcohol

State laws prevent us from providing the alcohol. That means you, the venue or your caterer must supply the alcohol ... we will take it from there. 

We need a little space

The bars are petite little things but you need to plan for its location. The vintage caravan bars are approximately 9' tall, 9' wide and 14' long. The prosecco & craft beer mini-trucks are approximately 5.5' tall, 5' wide and 11' long. Please consider these dimensions in your planning. Caravan bars are pulled or backed into place with a tow vehicle. These dimensions are especially important if you are tenting an area and want to be able to pull the bars under the tent in the event of bad weather. The mini-trucks can fit through a standard 6'0" set of double doors for indoor events and fit in many freight elevators. 

And a little power

Our bars need a 110V power for draft equipment. Preferably dedicated. We don't want to knock out all the lights when we mix up boozy milkshakes or star pouring the beer. Don't worry, we can bring a quiet generator if there is not reliable power onsite. 

We are fully insured

We carry general liability insurance and can provide copies upon request.