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lauren said ...

One of the most unique vendors we had for our wedding! The Caravan was one of a kind and we loved how they decorated the van. We had them serve cotton candy out of it and our guests couldn't get enough of it! We visited during the wedding and they let us make cotton candy and get pictures in the van. It was SO cute and loved it! Even better than we had imagined!

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shandoah said ...

This was a high light for our rustic chic wedding. It was so smooth to have the bar roll in on wheels, they were set-up with lights, drinks and action very quickly. Some of our best photos are with the backdrop of the cozy caravan! Great unique addition!

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Yoo Mi Said ...

Get Cozy is simple incredible. From the actual design of their vintage mobile bars, to the "can-do" attitude when planning for the big day, and even the day-of attentiveness to all your guests' needs, we couldn't have dreamed of working with better bartenders and a better vendor. The ceremony field at our wedding venue has beautiful views of the Blue Ridge Mountains that we really wanted our guests to enjoy beyond the 20-minute ceremony, but the reception was to take place in a wood lodge down by the lake. Get Cozy made our vision happen. Without skipping a beat, they rolled up their sleeves and reassured us from the start that they would be able to transport their entire bar from the ceremony hill for cocktail hour (so guests could enjoy the view longer) to the lodge for dinner and dancing; to do so included finding a way to fit in between two trees and down a small slope to be right outside the lodge for our guests. Their willingness - and true goal - of fulfilling your event's vision is so special. Our guests could not stop raving about Get Cozy! They are a picture-perfect backdrop to whatever and wherever your event may be with Jon and the bartenders were fast, incredibly courteous, and thoughtful (who else would walk out to the bride + groom to make sure they had a drink without having to step away from talking to guests!) They turned a simple element of a wedding into a positively memorable feature. We highly, highly recommend them!!

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